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Summer nights

Winters almost gone,
Oh how Ive waited so long
For summer nights.
When theres magic in the air
And I dont have a care,
All that matters to me
Is that you are here
On summer nights.

Theres a little caf
Where we can hear music play.
They keep the lights turned down low
Its a place where lovers go.
There youll hold me tight and say
Our love will always be this way
On summer nights.

At the end of the day
We can go down to the bay
And together hand in hand
We will walk along the sand
On summer nights.

In our little caf
Well dance the night away
And we know our love will be
Always true eternally.

And when the moon begins to shine
I can see that you are mine
On summer nights.

On summer nights.
On summer nights.
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